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The third GALMUN conference hosted by St. Joseph Seminary & High School-Almotran, will take place on March 20-21, 2017 at the Golden Crown Hotel in Nazareth. It is our School's vision to bring up generations of future leaders who are devoted to research, virtue and peace, and to building bridges between diverse communities.
Our third conference will be aimed at bringing students from different backgrounds together for a two-day debate. It will help them become global citizens, exposing them to significant issues both nationally and internationally. They will conduct research at a high level, improve their public speaking skills and develop their English beyond the classroom setting.
The conference is designed for students from Grades 10-12 and we welcome new delegates as well as those with previous experience. Delegates will be required to prepare position papers and draft clauses that address the issues of their committees. Due to increased interest in our conference, this year we can only guarantee 8 delegates per school. However, we will keep a waiting list for any additional places that become available. A registration form is attached with this invitation, in addition to a letter providing detailed information about the conference.
This year, the conference theme is Combatting Violence and Promoting Peaceful Resolutions. The debate will take place in eight different committees. The committees and topics will be announced at the end of October.
We look forward to seeing you at our conference in Nazareth and we hope that it will be a fruitful and enjoyable experience for all of us.

Meet the Team

Mr. Elias Farah, Conference Director

My name is Elias Farah and I am the director of Galilee Model United Nations. Our school has been running MUN activities since 2005. We are so excited to host you at our third annual conference. We would like to welcome the new schools that joined our conference this year. We hope you all make new friends and have a great time!

Rama Nasrallah, Secretary General

GALMUN is right around the corner, and I cannot be any prouder. My name is Rama Nasrallah. I'm 17 and my dog is my best friend.
Now let's talk MUN; I have been doing it for three years now, and yes, it does become a massive part of your life. You have been warned! GALMUN's theme this year is violence. Violence has taken a fair portion of the news in recent years. GALMUN's team and participants aim to come up with the most creative, effective and long-lasting resolutions for various worldwide issues that are connected to, caused by, or lead to several forms of violence.
In eight different committees, you will be debating the assigned topics, while making sure that you stick to your country's policy, act with integrity and most importantly: HAVE FUN. We are here because we love MUN, and we have at least one common belief that we can "be the change we wish to see in the world" (Mahatma Gandhi). See you on March 20th!

Tala Abu Ahmad, Deputy Secretary General

GALMUN 2017 is coming soon, and I can't be more enthusiastic and excited about it. Dear delegates, my name is Tala Abu Ahmad, a 17-year-old student from St. Joseph Seminary & High School. I started my MUN journey in the 9th grade. If I had been told that three years later I would be the Deputy Secretary General of GALMUN, I wouldn't have believed it and would have even laughed about it. I was a very shy person, and once I get nervous, my face turns red instantly (unfortunately the redness still gets me, so don't be surprised when you meet me). MUN had taught me a lot of skills and turned me to a different person with more confidence and eagerness to debate and speak in public. During my journey, I attended five conferences and represented different countries in local and international conferences, giving me the opportunity to learn new things every time. I'm very excited about this conference and I'm doing my best so that it would be as successful as the previous two GALMUN conferences. Can't wait to meet you all on march 20th :)

Our Theme

Violence threatens peace on our precious Planet Earth. The ongoing war in Syria, terrorist acts around the world, abuse of women and children, mistreatment of minorities, hate towards those who are different and disrespect to animals and the environment are but a few examples of the manifestation of this violence. Violence has penetrated societies and communities, and we see little effort invested by governments to combat it. Violence is a disease that needs an urgent remedy to ensure a safer world for future generations.
Without tackling violence at its root, our world cannot prosper. Places affected by violence are unable to thrive. Violence leads to a chain of adverse effects. Where there is violence, economies are hard hit, human rights are abused, gender inequality increases, access to education becomes limited and diseases spread out of control. The people hit worst by violence are the vulnerable: children, women and the elderly.
This is why the GALMUN team for this year's conference held on March 20-21 has chosen the theme 'Combatting Violence and Promoting Peaceful Resolutions'. It is our hope that by focusing on this issue, we will be able to raise awareness in the communities we come from and promote peaceful management of conflicts. Delegates will tackle different aspects of violence in eight committees: Security Council, UN Women, ECOSOC, WHO, Human Rights, Disarmament, UNICEF and Environment. The topics discussed in each committee can be viewed on this website.
The GALMUN team for 2017 is looking forward to this year's conference. We hope that both delegates and advisors will have a fruitful and enjoyable time in Nazareth, the heart of Galilee.

Information Booklet for Advisors and Delegates

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